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Community Wellness

What is important in the space that is being lived in?  Security, Safety, a happy and healthy community raising vibrations of connectivity and a peak state that is contageous for the place they call home.

Personal Wellness

What do you envision your life to look like and feel like?  Do you have a vision for your life but have no idea where to start?  I will help you get there.  Tell me where you are now, and where you want to go.  I will nurture our connection in helping make your dreams reality.

Corporate Wellness

Where is the health, happiness and productivity in the people in your office now?  I will raise the vibration by helping create a peak state in individuals and productivity in your workplace.  Happier, healthier people, performing at a peak state about life and thier work environment.

Amanda is the type of person you want in your world if you need inspiration and hope! What I love most about Amanda is her authenticity, she’s real and doesn’t try to hide the struggles. Whether you are trying to get fit, eat better, or just take your life to a higher level, Amanda’s coaching will be a open door to more!!

Katrina Dangleman

Financial Advisor, Edward Jones Investments

I first contacted Amanda back in Sept of 2015. At that time in my life I was in need of a change. I was stuck and and my mental state of mind, well it was depressed. I had been watching Amanda on social media for a long time and wondered where she got her happiness. How was this girl so full of life all the time? What medication is she taking? So I emailed her. her responses forever changed my life. Amanda is a down to earth girl, who is REAL. She has struggles. She has weaknesses. But they do not control her. I immediately was safe with her. I knew there would be no judgements made on my life. She was only here to help me. I started one of the programs she suggests and I lost 15 pounds my 21 days. From then on I was hooked. I no longer debated medication for my anxiety. I no longer debated therapy (at that moment). Between the program and Amanda my body physically changed and my mental state of mind began to change.  Over the next year, I stayed on top of what amazing encouraged. My efforts would be recognized. My attitude as well. another one of Amanda’s programs has indefinitely changed my life. For 7 days I detoxed from all the negativity in my life. And it was at a time that I again was having some very dark days. Journaling, reflecting, growing as a person, as an individual seriously helped me get a new aspect on life that I never had before. Being a part of Amanda’s accountability group, has given me some remarkable friendships. I have learned so much in the last 2 years. Not just about eating better and working out. I have learned so much about myself. I have learned that it is ok to be proud of yourself.  It is ok to struggle because we all do. It is ok to encourage others. It is ok to build others up when so often we are all being broken down. It is ok to fail just as long as you don’t let yourself stay down for long. Its ok to show a body that you have always dreamed of having because you have worked so hard to get it. Amanda changed my life a year and a half ago but also, I changed my life a year and a half ago. She gave me the courage. She gave me the inspiration. She gave me the tools to become the person I have always been meant to be. She believed in me so that I could believe in me.

I am very much unstoppable.

I owe so much to Amanda. She gave me confidence. She gave me validation. She gave me inspiration. She gave me support but above all, she gave me friendship. A genuine friendship. Because of her I can stand tall and say “I am ENOUGH!”

Katie Rupp

Office Manager, Western Oregon University

I vividly remember the first time I met Amanda.  I went home and felt very motivated to make some much needed life changes. I started clean eating and lost 10lbs right away!  I was at the point in my life where I new I needed to make big changes, I felt stuck in my job, burned out and just was’nt putting myself first.  Amanda introduced me to her signature program and I signed right up.  I started implementing the program in my daily morning routine and I’m changing my life now.  I am working on starting my own business in the spring.  My husband has got the bug and is also making positive life changes with his career and eating habits as well.  I just love the way she communicates with me, she’s so flexible with her time and easy to talk too.  I find her coaching style to be positive and detailed just enough to keep you going without being overwhelming.
 Amanda is the type of person, that when you are around her or even just talking to her, you feel better and you want to be better to yourself.   I know my life is changing because God brought her into my life when I needed the courage to change.  She became by beautiful coach that is helping me carve out a healthy life on all levels, fitness, eating, career and relationships – keeping the good and letting  go of the bad.  I read this quote once that is so true ” When you love yourself enough, you learn to get go of everything negative, this may be people, jobs, habits, anything that keeps you small, at first I saw this as Selfish, but now I see it as Self Loving!”  Amanda is nothing but Light and Love and I am SO grateful to have her helping me stay on track to achieve my dreams.
Kelly Langer-Wise

Director of Sales

Amanda is a lover, not a hater. Let me explain; she has eyes to see the beauty in others even when it isn’t evident to themselves. That is what she did for me in a season when I lacked goodness and love. She invited me to join her. Amanda thrives on the enrichment that comes from inviting others to join her in growing into their potential!  She knows that two are stronger than one and a community grows from support and love! That is what she gave me, a safe place rich with loving support to be me in all my flaws and to grow new goodness; she joined me in building a foundation of the new life that I am creating all because Amanda has eyes that see and a heart that encourages!

Erin Swartz

Real Estate Manager Rockstar, Entrepreneur

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