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Amanda is the type of person you want in your world if you need inspiration and hope! What I love most about Amanda is her authenticity, she’s real and doesn’t try to hide the struggles. Whether you are trying to get fit, eat better, or just take your life to a higher level, Amanda’s coaching will be a open door to more!! Katrina Dangleman

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I vividly remember the first time I met Amanda.  I went home and felt very motivated to make some much needed life changes. I started clean eating and lost 10lbs right away!  I was at the point in my life where I new I needed to make big changes, I felt stuck in my job, burned out and just wasn’t putting myself first.  Amanda introduced me to her signature program and I signed right up. I started implementing the program in my daily morning routine and I’m changing my life now.  I am working on starting my own business in the spring. My husband has got the bug and is also making positive life changes with his career and eating habits as well.  I just love the way she communicates with me, she’s so flexible with her time and easy to talk too. I find her coaching style to be positive and detailed just enough to keep you going without being overwhelming.

Amanda is the type of person, that when you are around her or even just talking to her, you feel better and you want to be better to yourself.   I know my life is changing because God brought her into my life when I needed the courage to change. She became by beautiful coach that is helping me carve out a healthy life on all levels, fitness, eating, career and relationships – keeping the good and letting  go of the bad. I read this quote once that is so true ” When you love yourself enough, you learn to get go of everything negative, this may be people, jobs, habits, anything that keeps you small, at first I saw this as Selfish, but now I see it as Self Loving!” Amanda is nothing but Light and Love and I am SO grateful to have her helping me stay on track to achieve my dreams. Kelly Wise

Featured Recipes

Raw Beet Slaw with Lemon and Mint

The power of the beet cannot be underestimated, especially in the fall. Beets are bitter, astringent, and sweet. They clean the blood and the bile ducts of accumulated summer heat, and speed up the elimination channels that expel it. A serving of this slaw a few times...

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Cleansing Green Juice

This is an extremely cleansing beverage that kills cravings and makes a powerful snack. Sweet, slightly sour, bitter, and pungent tastes meld into a balanced juice that can be made with or without a juicer.   Cleansing Green Juice This is an extremely cleansing...

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The penetrating quality of this bright drink clears your head and gets you pumped up without caffeine. Those who experience congestion upon waking will especially benefit from Refresh-O-Rama. Its best first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. Wait at least 30...

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