About LYV Wellness

About LYV Wellness


Amanda’s Wellness training started long ago, but the most inspired was her time spent learning how to cook 5 star meals on Haggerstone Island in the northern Great Barrier Reef off of Australia. Each day consisted of waking with the sun, feeding the chickens, tending to the orchard, preparing a beautiful breakfast before heading on the boat for the day to catch lunch and dinner.

Preparing the fresh catch on the boat for lunch and an extraordinary dinner back on the Island. All these meals were fresh and local all at her fingertips. The food passion continued as she studied Ayurveda and Yoga in Santa Barbara with Felicia Tomasko, editor and chief of the Yoga Journal, and Siddhi Ellinghoven, teacher of Kundalini, Prenatal Yoga and Ayurveda.

The past 3 years Amanda has helped change the way people feel about food and their bodies all across the country. Helping individuals Create a healthy relationship with food; feel euphoric inspired and unstoppable, just by changing the way they eat. Honoring themselves and the bountiful food we are able to nourish our bodies with.

A wellness coach, yoga teacher and practitioner of Yoga, Amanda describes the Ayurveda and Yoga relationship as Tantra. The perfect weaving of two.

First.  Let’s talk about you.

Wellness is a daily practice.  We look forward to being your transformational self mastery experts.

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