Women's Wellness Retreat

Zion National Park, Utah
April 24th-27th, 2020

Dive in deep as you feel the passion, inspired by a completely different terrain than you are used to walking each day

Explore your passions and begin to discover your true self

Cleanse your mind, body and soul and find gratitude within

Wake with a powerful and slow moving yoga practice with deep pranayama and meditation

Dive in deep as you feel the passion, inspired by a completely different terrain than you are used to walking each day

Open Your Mind

Expand The Unlimited Potential With You
“The retreat to Zion was an amazing journey!!  It was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time.  A journey inward, connecting with amazing women and testing many limits!  Amanda and Bre were wonderful guides and hosts that helped me dig deep and find my truth.  They are two amazing women with true gifts.  This retreat was a life changing experience!”

-Maegan Mosnot

Walk Away With A Strong Sisterhood – A Tribe of Seekers Enhancing Our Time Here On Earth









An All Inclusive Retreat Experience


Crystal healing sessions


Daily Workshop: Deep & lasting enhancements to live your true north


Cave exploration

Crystal Workshop

Incredible daily hiking adventures

Spiritual Enlightment


Personal Chef

Amanda has a gift for bringing peoples bodies, hearts, and minds to their mat and takes them on an adventure all their own.  I had one of the most amazing and inspiring classes with Amanda.  The beautiful quote she read in the beginning set the tone for my practice that day, and through movement, breath and clarity I found my purpose in life, which I am currently seeing develop and grow right before my eyes since that day on my mat.  It was the space I was in that day, created by the warm, comforting and safe energy from both Amanda and Bre, along with the other women that allowed my heart to open and hear and feel the wisdom and love of the universe.

One of my favorite parts to the retreat was the tutorial on stones.  I have always been intrigued and in awe of crystals and to learn more about them with a beautiful “starter pack” of stones was so much fun.  I loved my reading/stone cleanse with Bre.  She has an incredible ability to read people, and interpret their energy.  She definatly tapped into my waive-length and we has a great conversation where we realized we had a lot in common.  I did not expect to walk away feeling like I gained a true friend, but I believe I did, I believe I got new Warrior Goddess soul sisters

-Tracy Clark

As I stand on the palapa gazing out into the vast jungle of a thousand greens, the wispy white clouds dancing in the sun glazed sky, I hear the exotic birds singing their song. I deeply feel a rush of euphoric energy, prana throughout my entire body, from the roots, a place to pause, breathe in renewed life, I begin to feel myself, my true divine being so beautiful and radiant; a light so bright one could feel for a lifetime. An exhale into true self, the one, I realize my life’s purpose. I hold it tight, not realizing it will forever expand through my life and into the world.”- Amanda Malarkey


All Inclusive: $1,250

50% deposit To hold your spot

Terms: 50% refund cancellation within 60 days of retreat date


You get yourself to Las Vegas Airport Friday morning

We'll pick you up in a 15 passenger sprinter van

You go on a 4 day unforgettable, life enhancing adventure that will last a life time

Monday afternoon, We bring everyone back to Las Vegas airport late afternoon for evening flights out


Outdoor area includes walking labyrinth, patios, villa and medicine wheel

Fully eqipped kitchen with coffee maker, juicer, fridge and stove

Spacious great room gathering place with indoor twin, red cedar trees and a wood burning stone fireplace

Your Hosts

Breanne and Amanda Met as interior designers in Ventura California in 2010.  They both were on individual exploratory yoga journeys as well.  As their friendship grew from afar; in 2016 they started hiking together in various meeting spots along the west coast; indulging in in-depth yogi conversations and a likeminded view on community, sisterhood, confidence, personal growth, nature, the power of breath, a daily practice and yoga…  A dream was formed to combine their passion for change in the world through yoga, nature, meditation, adventure, and sisterhood through leading retreats in places they knew were energetically impactful and stunning.As they put energy into this dream of theirs they watched their first wellness retreat unfold in 2018.  And now, with love and passion in their entire being from a remarkable experience…  their deep and lasting wellness retreats continue!

About Amanda

Amanda’s Wellness training started long ago, but the most inspired was her time spent in Australia, each morning a hike to Maitland Bay, she spent time developing her Divine Morning, which was life-changing; a time of meditation, journaling, self-reflection, mantra, pranayama and yoga, 5 months after this expansive self-discovery she took a boat north.  An extraordinary 3 months learning how to prepare 5-star meals on Haggerstone Island in the northern Great Barrier Reef off of Australia living in a tree house.

Each day consisted of waking with the sun, feeding the chickens, tending to the orchard, taking care of the guests preparing a beautiful breakfast for guests before heading on the boat for the day to guide, catch lunch and dinner, an extraordinary adventure each day and always an evening fiesta back on the Island. The food passion continued as she studied Ayurveda and Yoga in Santa Barbara with Felicia Tomasko, editor and chief of the Yoga Journal, and Siddhi Ellinghoven, teacher of Kundalini, Prenatal Yoga and Ayurveda.

The past 3 years Amanda been in extensive yoga training and has helped change the way people feel about their own life, food and their mind body and soul across the world.  Helping individuals’ create a healthy relationship with themselves; feel euphoric inspired and unstoppable, just by changing the way they think, nourish the way they move. We honor ourselves and the bountiful food we choose when we nourish our bodies.  A wellness coach, yoga teacher, and practitioner of Yoga, Amanda describes the Ayurveda and Yoga relationship as Tantra—The perfect weaving of two.

About Breanne

Breanne has always been a lover of the outdoors and has had a strong appreciation for the world around her.Introduced to the practice of yoga at a pivotal time in her life back in 2009. She has since learned to combine her love for the outdoors and practice of yoga by expanding her practice and frequenting hiking trails to meditate on mountain tops.In 2013 Breanne Planned and set goals to quit the corporate career and travel to Ecuador for three months to live and volunteer at a special needs orphanage. An experience so humbling and a life-changing experience that inspired her to encourage others to harness their own energy and put out vibrations that can change the world.

In 2014 Breanne studied Hatha Yoga through Aura Wellness center for her 200hour teacher training. She continues to study and practice on a regular basis and encourages others to begin their own yoga journey.

Currently working as a corporate interior designer she incorporates biophilia (bringing the outdoors in) and the use of energy flow to her day job. Along with utilizing and sharing ways to balance a busy lifestyle with the passions that form a sound body and mind.

Breanne accepts her deeper purpose and calling to help women become strong and confident in their own journeys in order to offer more of themselves to others and the beautiful world we live in.

About Chef Tracy

Tracy and her husband moved to Gig Harbor, WA in 2016 to start their family after 8 years at sea working in the yachting industry together as a Captain/Chef team. It was a return to the northwest for her, being from Oregon but yet a new adventure for both of them.
Tracy began offering private cooking lessons and dining events from her home in 2018 with hopes of inspiring others to get back to basics, cook from scratch and never put a label on how they eat. If it Tastes Good, Makes you Feel Good and you Can Feel Good About it, then it’s ok to eat!!


Website: zionvilla.com


Amanda Malarkey

Email: amandamalarkey11@gmail.com

Website: lyvwellness.com

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