Self Love Goddess

virtual retreat
an ayurveda spring cleanse
April 23-25, 2021
I am ready!

Dive in deep as you feel the luxurious treatment, inspired by healers who all embody these practices, and are called to share with you.

Energize in the ceremonial cacao, detox in the reiki infused salts and oils, bathe in the forest of healing. Let the medicine of journaling, breath, medition and foods consume you.

Feel the powerful crystals and slow moving yoga practice with deep pranayama and meditation.

You are a goddess, feel the energy that is being activated in you as an individual and the collective.

Walk away with renewed energy, power and grace – investing in the goddess that you are.


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Conscious Culinary




Devi Spa



You are a Goddess

Expand in INFINITE love
VIP Goddess RetreatGoddess Retreat

“The retreat to Zion was an amazing journey!!  It was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time.  A journey inward, connecting with amazing women and testing many limits!  Amanda and Bre were wonderful guides and hosts that helped me dig deep and find my truth.  They are two amazing women with true gifts.  This retreat was a life changing experience!”

-Maegan Mosnot

An All Inclusive Retreat Experience

5:30 pm –
Gathering Ceremony, Meet and Greet Introductions
Gather in the Kitchen for a nourishing time of mindful Kitchari preparation guided by        Chef Tracy.  (prep notes given)
 Flow and Let Go Yoga and Breathwork guided by Amanda
Devi Oil Massage and Mantra guided by Jen
Meditation guided by Breanne
9:00 pm –
Salt Bath and Abhyanga (oil massage) (on your own)  this is part of the cleanse. Whenever you’re done soaking your mind and body write it all down – Journaling. (journaling prompts given)
7:30 am –
Mindful Morning Cacao Ceremony guided by Amanda (prep notes given)
Chakra Meditation and Reiki guided by Breanne
Love Yoga Flow guided by Amanda
Break – Time for 2 Independent Sessions
11:00 am –
Head out for Nature Walk. Enjoy the afternoon outdoors with a guided meditation while forest bathing and soaking in the energy of Mama Gaia.  Group Hikes TBD (Bring plenty of water, kitchari for forest lunch and green juice for after)
Time for 2 Independent Sessions
6:00 pm –
Five senses Tea Meditation guided by Tracy
 Grounding Meditation guided by Breanne
Body Breath Flow guided by Amanda
+Ecstatic Dance!
Abhyanga & Mantra guided by Jen
7:45 pm –
Time for 2 Independent Sessions
 Fire it up with a Salt Bath / Sauna / Steam Room followed by a Sneya Devi Massage
Whenever you’re done giving yourself some self love write it all down – Journaling.
8:00 am –
Time for 2 Independent Sessions
9:00 am –
Cleansing Burn it all down Meditation guided by Breanne
Infinite Love Yoga Flow guided by Amanda
Nourishing the Sacred Goddess Temple with Tracy
Break Time for Independent Session
Nature Walk
1:00 pm –
Closing Festivities
Devi Bath Detox Soak at the very end, and then take time to Journal, write it all down
Starter Retreat Gift Box –
Goddess Signature Essential Roller – Immerse yourself in the invigorating fragrance of Devi Wellness Spa’s signature scent, Divine Self.  Using only the finest in pure essential oils and luxurious carrier oils, you can apply this fragrance whenever you need a boost.
3 ready to go digestive tea bags
a blessed rose quartz and palosanto
VIP Retreat Gift Box –
Choose 1 Free VIP Session
Devi Luxury Spa Set
Conscious Culinary gifts you with a 5 sense tea break
LYV Wellness will be offering plant medicine for mind & body
A Breezy Journey is offering the Self Love Crystal Bundle

“Amanda has a gift for bringing peoples bodies, hearts, and minds to their mat and takes them on an adventure all their own.  I had one of the most amazing and inspiring classes with Amanda.  The beautiful quote she read in the beginning set the tone for my practice that day, and through movement, breath and clarity I found my purpose in life, which I am currently seeing develop and grow right before my eyes since that day on my mat.  It was the space I was in that day, created by the warm, comforting and safe energy from both Amanda and Bre, along with the other women that allowed my heart to open and hear and feel the wisdom and love of the universe.

One of my favorite parts to the retreat was the tutorial on stones.  I have always been intrigued and in awe of crystals and to learn more about them with a beautiful “starter pack” of stones was so much fun.  I loved my reading/stone cleanse with Bre.  She has an incredible ability to read people, and interpret their energy.  She definatly tapped into my waive-length and we has a great conversation where we realized we had a lot in common.  I did not expect to walk away feeling like I gained a true friend, but I believe I did, I believe I got new Warrior Goddess soul sisters”

-Tracy Clark

As I stand on the palapa gazing out into the vast jungle of a thousand greens, the wispy white clouds dancing in the sun glazed sky, I hear the exotic birds singing their song. I deeply feel a rush of euphoric energy, prana throughout my entire body, from the roots, a place to pause, breathe in renewed life, I begin to feel myself, my true divine being so beautiful and radiant; a light so bright one could feel for a lifetime. An exhale into true self, the one, I realize my life’s purpose. I hold it tight, not realizing it will forever expand through my life and into the world.” – Amanda Malarkey

Goddess Retreat


Indulge in retreat plus a gift from us.
Goddess Signature Essential Roller 
3 ready to go digestive tea bags
A blessed rose quartz and palo santo

VIP Goddess Retreat


Indulge in retreat plus A luxurious VIP experience and gift with all of the essential items you will need for this self love retreat!
Choose 1 free VIP Session!
1. An intimate cooking session with Tracy of Conscious Culinary!
2. An energy clearing with Bre of A Breezy Journey!
3.  An accountability Yoga and manifestation session
with Amanda of LYV Wellness!
4. A distance healing Reiki session with Jen of Devi Spa.
Conscious Culinary gifts you with a 5 sense tea break!
Everything you need to unwind and connect is here for you.
Spring Digestive Tea, hand selected herbs and
spice that can be hard to find.
3 Compostable and reusable Tea Bags
Instructions for tea plus information on ingredients
Guided Meditation – 5 Senses Tea Break
A Breezy Journey will be offering the Self Love Crystal Bundle
 from Breezys Mystic Boutique.  This specialized Self love bundle will empower you to lead your life with love.  It will help you to release fear, anxiety, limiting beliefs and past hurts in order to move forward with love and compassion.  The energy of these crystals will help you to embody love with ease and grace.  Healing crystals have been cleansed and charged with the full moon, smudged with sage and anointed with blessings.

More VIP Gifts

LYV Wellness will be offering plant medicine for mind & body!
Uplift your mood and thrive with Ceremonial Cacao with Mantra to use during our Cacao Ceremony on Sunday.  A sacred journal for writing it all down.  Goddess Spice Mix, hard to find ingredients for our Ayurveda cleanse!
Devi Luxury Spa Set
Devi Goddess Glow Oil – A luxurious combination of organic oils, minerals, and nutrients leave your skin silky soft.  Pamper yourself with anti-aging and cellulite reducing ingredients.  Engage your senses with the refreshing Devi Wellness Spa signature fragrance, Divine Self.  Each glass bottle is infused with healing reiki energy to enrich your self-care anointing experience.
Goddess Signature Essential Roller – Immerse yourself in the invigorating fragrance of Devi Wellness Spa’s signature scent, Divine Self.  Using only the finest in pure essential oils and luxurious carrier oils, you can apply this fragrance whenever you need a boost.
Luxury Spa Ritual Bath Soak- Embrace your inner goddess with an indulgent bath ritual experience.  Organic, nourishing minerals will relax the body & mind as you create a tranquil self-care sanctuary to rejuvenate your skin naturally.  Inspire your spirit while the finest therapeutic salts revitalize your skin and reduce your stress.  Detoxifying clay and other nourishing ingredients complete the healing process as you cleanse your body.
About Amanda
Amanda’s Wellness training started long ago, but the most inspired was her time spent in Australia, a year of self love.  Each morning a hike to Maitland Bay, she spent time developing her Divine Morning, which was life-changing; a time of meditation, journaling, self-reflection, mantra, pranayama and yoga, 5 months after this expansive self-discovery she took a boat north.  An extraordinary 3 months learning how to prepare 5-star meals on Haggerstone Island in the northern Great Barrier Reef, living in a tree house and off of the land and sea.  Each day consisted of waking with the sun, feeding the chickens, tending to the orchard, taking care of the guests preparing a beautiful breakfast for guests before heading on the boat for the day to guide, catch lunch and dinner, an extraordinary adventure each day and always an evening fiesta back on the Island. The food passion continued in a healing way as she studied Ayurveda and Yoga in Santa Barbara with Felicia Tomasko, editor and chief of the Yoga Journal, and Siddhi Ellinghoven, teacher of Kundalini, Prenatal Yoga and Ayurveda. The past 5 years Amanda has been in extensive yoga training, well beyond 500 hours and has helped enhance the way people walk in this world, nourishing the mind body and soul around the world.  Helping individuals’ create a healthy relationship with themselves; feel centered, inspired, and unstoppable, just by changing the way they think, breathe, nourish and the way they move. We honor ourselves and the bountiful food we choose when we nourish our bodies.  A teacher of wellness in studio, retreat destinations, virtually, 1:1 in home, Yoga on and off the mat.  Amanda describes the Ayurveda and Yoga relationship as Tantra—The perfect weaving of two.

About Breanne
As long as she can remember Breanne has been a lover of the outdoors and had a strong connection to the World around her. Back in 2009 Breanne was introduced to the practice of yoga. It could not have happened at a more pivotal time in her life,  Breanne instantly became an avid yoga practitioner and leaned on the philosophies of the yogi lifestyle. In 2013 Breanne quit her corporate career as an Interior Designer to volunteer for three months at a special needs orphanage in Ecuador. An experience so humbling and life-changing it motivated her to inspire others in harnessing their own divine loving energy. Encouraging all to send energetic vibrations of love into the Universe so that together we may create a changed self and in return a changed World. This blossomed the concept of The Ripple Effect, a concept she lives by daily. In 2014 Breanne decided to take her yoga practice to the next level as she studied at the Aura Wellness Center receiving her 200 hour Hatha Yoga teacher training. She has since learned to combine her love for nature and the practice of yoga by frequenting hiking trails. While connecting to Mama Gaia she finds herself rooting down and rising up, meditating on mountain tops. She continues to study and practice on a regular basis while encouraging others to begin their own journey of yoga and connection to this beautiful Earth. Along with utilizing and sharing ways to balance a busy lifestyle Breanne leads group hikes, guided meditations and in February 2020 became a Level II Reiki Energy Healer. Included in her intuitive practices is that of Crystal energy work. She often incorporates this practice in individual healing sessions and home energy cleansing. Her passions lie in creating a safe space for energy work while encouraging others to heal, learn and grow from the inside out. Along with the importance of providing a safe experience spiritually is the safety of the physical form. Breanne received her Wilderness First Aide certification in early 2020 helping herself and others maintain safety while mindfully exploring the outdoors. She has also studied and takes part in the Leave No Trace principals, always putting the future of Mama Gaia first. Breanne accepts her deeper purpose of living consciously, spreading love and encourage others to embrace their own divine Goddess within. She truly believes that Self Love is The Answer to finding happiness along our own human journeys and enhance the beautiful World we live in.

About Chef Tracy
Tracy’s background in cooking stems from her experience as a personal chef aboard private luxury yachts.  Together with her husband, who was the captain, they traveled up to 50,000 nautical miles and visited over 20 different countries.
They both knew they wanted a family so they settled in Gig Harbor, Washington in 2015.  After two babies and a remodel, Tracy launched Conscious Culinary to help people improve their relationship with food.  What was revealed to her through being a private chef was that food has energy and she witnessed first hand how our food choices affect our bodies, our moods, the people around us and the planet.  Cruising the oceans will prove to anyone the negative effects of single-use plastic.  Combining her skills in the kitchen with her fresh perspective on being a Conscious Eater and holistic health approach, Tracy helps her clients to cultivate the life they want through mindful nutrition.
About Jennifer
Jennifer is a Usui Reiki Healer who began her self-care journey through daily rituals and a connection to the energy around us.  She has a passion to see others transform into their highest self.  With a background in psychology, bio-chemistry, and environmental interior design, Jennifer approaches holistic healing through mind, body, and environment.

The importance of organic, ethically sourced living guided Jennifer to develop the luxury spa line, Devi Wellness Spa, where one invests in their self-care routine through reiki infused oils, bath soaks, environmental cleansing, chakra balancing, and daily rituals.  Jennifer believes that investing in yourself is the ultimate power to transform your life and embrace the beauty all around us.

Devi is the Sanskrit word for ‘goddess’ and means heavenly, divine, and higher excellence. A goddess is seen as absolute beauty and a divine feminine.

Jennifer plans to continue to expand her offerings through Devi Wellness Spa and share her gifts with the universe.  Awaken your divine feminine, your shakti, by showering yourself with love and gratitude.  Receive love in and give love out to the universe.  Ground yourself with Mother Earth.  Relax, surrounded by the elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.  Pause and become aware of your inner self, your intuitive self. You are a goddess.  You are devi.


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